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Exploring the Downsides of Using Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing Landscape

September 10, 20235 min read

You might be wondering if you're the only digital marketer with concerns about AI in the digital marketing world. Well, the answer is no!

Many digital marketers have their hesitations when it comes to AI, just like with any new technology. Even those who eagerly embraced AI still have concerns about its drawbacks and potential risks in the field of digital marketing. In this post, we'll discuss the current state of AI in digital marketing and highlight seven disadvantages of using AI, as reported by our survey respondents. We'll also provide tips on how to mitigate these disadvantages and risks so that you can leverage AI effectively for your marketing strategy.

AI in the Marketing Landscape: A Closer Look

There's a lot of confusion surrounding how companies utilize AI in the realm of digital marketing. This is often because people don't fully grasp what AI is capable of.  Currently, AI plays a role in various aspects of digital marketing. For instance, email marketing platforms use AI to gather customer data and personalize content. Advertising platforms employ AI to optimize digital ad placements. Some digital marketers even use AI for content curation, like generating prompts with ChatGPT or other AI copywriting tools. There are also noticeable examples of AI in digital marketing, such as chatbots that utilize AI to respond to customer queries and improve their interactions over time. As the availability of AI tools expands, its presence in digital marketing is likely to grow even further.

What are the major concerns associated with using AI in marketing?

  1. Legal/Ethical Concerns

We've witnessed similar scenarios with emerging technologies like social media marketing. It often takes years for regulations to catch up with them.

So, why should the utilization of AI technology in the realm of digital marketing be any different? Just picture this: AI is becoming extensively adopted in digital marketing, only for regulations to be introduced later. Although these laws may not have a retrospective effect, they could disrupt entire digital marketing firms accustomed to the existing status quo.

  1. Lack of SEO Practices

SEO is a common concern for marketers across the board, be it freelancers, in-house professionals, or agency teams. Implementing effective SEO strategies in digital marketing demands significant time and effort.

  1. Misinformation 

As marketers, it's crucial to ensure the accuracy of the information we provide, whether it's to clients, our audience, or the general public (such as through Google's Featured Snippet). While AI technology may appear reliable, let's consider ChatGPT as an example—it can only provide information up to 2021, based on the data available at that time. Interestingly, this concern varies across different roles in the digital marketing field, including freelancers, in-house marketers, and marketers working at any digital marketing agency.

  1. Robotic Content Creation

Although AI "speech patterns" have shown improvement over time, there can still be an unnatural and almost robotic quality to them. This can result in content that feels stilted, even if it's challenging to pinpoint exactly what feels "off" about it. This aspect is particularly relevant in the context of the digital marketing business, where creating engaging and natural-sounding content is crucial for effective communication with the target audience.

  1. The Risks of Over-Dependence on AI Technology in Digital Marketing

Over-reliance on AI technology in the field of digital marketing can lead to reduced collaboration and creativity among marketers, potentially diminishing their overall competence. If digital marketing agencies start delegating significant portions of their work to AI, it may result in a lack of human touch, making marketing campaigns monotonous over time.  This concern is shared by some respondents, including freelancers, who worry about companies becoming excessively dependent on AI technology. In-house marketers and agencies may view this issue from a professional standpoint, focusing on the potential over-reliance of digital marketing themselves on AI technology.

  1. Similar Content Creation

When initially exploring AI technology like ChatGPT, its responses can be truly impressive. They are diverse, captivating, and may even resemble human interaction. However, if the same prompts are repeated extensively, the generated content can quickly become monotonous and lackluster.  This is a valid concern shared by digital marketers who perceive the risk of content sounding overly similar as a significant drawback of incorporating AI technology into their digital marketing strategies.

  1. Lack of Personalization 

In the realm of digital marketing, personalization techniques have become indispensable due to their impact on consumer behavior. Many consumers have expressed that a personalized shopping experience increases the likelihood of becoming repeat buyers. Therefore, incorporating personalization strategies into your digital marketing campaigns is essential for sustained success.

Although lack of personalization remains a concern for many marketers, it is not their primary worry when it comes to AI technology adoption. This observation is unsurprising considering that numerous digital marketing platforms, including those focused on email marketing, social media, and paid advertising, already utilize AI effectively to deliver personalized experiences to their audiences.

The Takeaway

Using AI for digital marketing comes with its fair share of risks and drawbacks. But fear not! There are ways to overcome these challenges. A digital marketing agency, including us, firmly believe that the advantages of AI far outweigh the risks. The trick is to shift your perspective. Instead of focusing on the tasks AI can completely take over, start thinking about how AI can enhance your workflow. When you view AI as a helpful assistant rather than a problem solver, you'll discover its numerous use cases and benefits. So, let's embrace AI as a valuable ally in our digital marketing endeavors!

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