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CRM Success: The 4 Cs You Need to Know in Digital Marketing

June 16, 20234 min read

Back in 1987, Walkmen were in vogue, cell phones were bulky, and Whitney Houston dominated the music charts. Fast forward to 2017, and driverless cars roam the streets while students communicate with astronauts via Skype. In this era of rapid technological advancement, small businesses have a golden opportunity to leverage CRM and stay competitive in the realm of digital marketing.

Today, customer relationship management (CRM) is more crucial than ever before in the digital marketing landscape. To navigate the evolving complexities of customer relationships and harness the power of digital marketing platforms, businesses must adopt the four Cs of customer information. Currency, correctness, consistency, and completeness form the cornerstone of a successful business plan, enabling companies to forge intimate, long-lasting connections with customers while maximizing the benefits of digital marketing advancements.

-Currency & Correctness:

Currency and correctness play a crucial role in the realm of digital marketing, akin to the inseparable combination of a PC and a mouse. In today's interconnected world, ensuring that customer data is accurate and up-to-date is of paramount importance. With the constant changes in people's lives, such as address updates, job transitions, and email modifications, it becomes essential to effectively manage connections.

The significance of maintaining currency and correctness becomes even more pronounced when leveraging the power of predictive analytics in digital marketing. Accurate and up-to-date customer information serves as a valuable asset for understanding customer trends and identifying the optimal timing and method of contact to facilitate successful interactions. By leveraging this information, businesses can cultivate existing customer relationships and forge new ones, driving growth and retention in the digital marketing landscape.

As we reflect on the evolution of information management from the days of punch cards and Rolodexes to today's advanced digital marketing tools, such as Microsoft Excel, it is remarkable to witness the transformative impact on the field of digital marketing. These advancements have revolutionized the way businesses harness data and optimize their digital marketing strategies for enhanced customer engagement and business success.

-Consistency & Completeness:

Consistency has always been a hallmark of successful digital marketing strategies. Building and maintaining positive, long-lasting relationships with customers is vital for business growth. In today's digital marketing landscape, we have an abundance of options for storing detailed customer information, including mobile apps, cloud servers, customizable CRM software solutions, email, Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, and even traditional pen and paper as a last resort. However, it is crucial to ensure consistency across all these platforms to maintain the integrity of customer data.

In the early days of digital marketing, storing customer information on computers was not as simple as it is today. For instance, Apple's enhanced Macintosh computer in 1986 had limited capacity, capable of storing just 4 MB of files. To put that into perspective, it would only accommodate approximately one high-quality MP3 song file in today's digital marketing world. The evolution of storage capabilities has revolutionized how businesses manage and store customer data in the realm of digital marketing, enabling them to ensure consistency and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Completeness in customer information is a fundamental aspect of effective digital marketing strategies. It involves capturing and documenting every interaction with customers across various digital marketing touchpoints. Gone are the days when customer records were stored in physical filing cabinets; today, we have the advantage of advanced technology to effortlessly track and maintain comprehensive customer data.

Moreover, modern CRM software and digital marketing solutions provide convenient ways to make notes during face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and other offline interactions. These tools ensure that every customer touchpoint is captured and included in the comprehensive customer information. By leveraging digital marketing strategies and technology, businesses can achieve completeness in customer information. This allows for better insights, personalized marketing campaigns, and more effective customer relationship management, ultimately driving business growth in today's digital marketing landscape.

The Takeaway

In the realm of digital marketing, businesses are presented with a golden opportunity to harness the power of technology and embrace the four C's of customer information: Currency, Correctness, Consistency, and Completeness. By integrating these principles into their strategies, businesses can tap into the wealth of customer data, uncover valuable insights, and cultivate enduring relationships that fuel growth and success. In this dynamic digital marketing landscape, staying current, ensuring accuracy, maintaining consistency, and capturing comprehensive customer information is paramount. By prioritizing effective digital marketing practices and leveraging advanced technologies, businesses can unlock the full potential of their customer relationships, paving the way for sustainable growth and thriving in today's competitive marketplace.

Eric Berry

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